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Non-Compete Disputes

Partner, Wes Wollenweber, has extensive experience handling non-compete disputes. In his practice, he reviews and evaluates non-competition and non-solicitation contracts, and represents parties in complex litigation over non-compete disputes. While Colorado law can be adverse to non-compete agreements and provisions, the use of the agreements is on the rise in Colorado due to the growth of information technology in many local industries. Wes’ practice focuses on:

  • Whether the non-compete provision enforceable under the law.
  • Whether the restrictions in the pertinent provision are reasonable.
  • The cost-benefit analysis of litigating the dispute.

Wes’ litigation experience includes representing parties in the housing industry on non-compete and similar business disputes.


  • Evaluation of noncompete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Litigation of noncompete and non-solicitation disputes
  • Mediation of noncompete and non-solicitation disputes
  • Arbitration of noncompete and non-solicitation
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We take and are referred tough cases. Our background in real estate litigation, employment, civil rights, construction, non-compete litigation, and complex collections allows us to reallyhelp our housing clients and protect their assets. We pride ourselves on taking the cases in which a client has been wronged, and work hard to formulate litigation and trial strategies designed to help the client find restitution or other solutions. WF Legal approaches every case with the goal of helping the client move on as quickly as possible, and provide in depth, cost-benefit-analysis so that managers, board members, and owners alike can determine the best course of action. We navigate our clients through the rough spots and back onto thefairways and smooth trails of governing and operating your facility or community. Our legal team is driven by the fact that each client’s needs can be different and require out-of-the-boxthinking. We also provide preventative litigation advice, and offer a number of educational workshops designed to help our clients avoid legal problems.

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